Warhammer RTS Coming To 360

whammer.jpgWarhammer: Mark of Chaos didn't really kick people's tyres like Dawn of War did. Partly because straight-up Warhammer isn't as badass as 40K, mostly because the game just wasn't much chop. And what do we do when PC players don't really take to an RTS, but it's set in a bankable universe? You bet your ASS it gets ported to the 360. Namco Bandai have announced that Warhammer: Battle March will be coming to the console. Ignore the new name: it's Mark of Chaos with some extra units and two new armies. PC fans of the game will also be getting the new stuff in an expansion. Expect both in 2008. Namco To Bring Warhammer: Battle March To 360 [Gamasutra]


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