Warhawk FAQ Answers Frequent Warhawk Questions

whawk.jpgBeen a lot of questions surrounding Warhawk. We seemed to go through about 119 of them just wondering whether it'd be a disc or downloadable game, and that was just the start of them. Perhaps sensing our undying thirst for knowledge, game director Dylan Jobe has posted a FAQ on the PlayStation Blog, complete with interesting/useful responses. The most interesting/useful follow.- To the best of their knowledge, the bundled headset is not a limited offer. - The game will support 2, 3 & 4-player splitscreen play. - Expect downloadable content in the future, since the game's been "designed from the ground up with expandability in mind" - Even if you're hosting a MP game on your PS3 as a server, you can still play. - ALL maps support 32 players, not just some. - The game recognises your XMB buddy list and imports it straight into the game's buddy page. - It's got full clan support - Release dates for everywhere BUT the US are up in the air. In other words, don't hold your breath, this one might slip to Christmas or even 2008. - MP servers are global, but players have the option of filtering just their local ones. - The game will support most headsets, even the old SOCOM USB one, so don't FREAK OUT if you're opting for the downloadable version.

Warhawk FAQ [PlayStation.Blog]


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