“We Are An Adult Entertainment Industry”

“We Are An Adult Entertainment Industry”

Coillins%20great.jpg Shame about that Manhunt 2 brouhaha. The game was a little much for consoles, snagging an Adults Only rating in the US and being rejected by the UK and Ireland. But Rockstar isn’t giving up. So neither should you! The company has stated it will eventually release the game, and earlier this month, Rockstar filed an appeal to contest the UK decision. Gordon Hall, boss of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories studio Rockstar Leeds, says the industrial ought to stand by the company as it fights the good fight:

…the wider issue attacks our entire industry. We need to teach people that games are an art form — they are more artistic than film. I think the games industry should rally behind us, because there will come a time when we’ll all have an idea that’s a little edgy, and we need to have the freedoms to express it.

We are an adult entertainment industry &mdash we may have started out with child-like technology making games solely for a younger audience, but it’s just not like that anymore. It might take legislature a little while to catch up, but if the industry sticks together hopefully we can change people’s attitudes quicker.

Adult entertainment industry? He’s actually right. Like totally and completely right. The Phil Collins cameo in Vice City Stories is proof of that!
Rockstar Leeds Interview [Develop Mag via Game|Life]

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