We Have Secured Phil Harrison's Chewing Gum

phil_harrisons_gum.jpgWe were hesitant to post this, but we can now reveal that we have indeed secured Sony Worldwide Studios bald boss man Phil Harrison's minty fresh chewing gum and have it in our possession. This shot, confirmation of the gum's retrieval from a clean ashtray at our makeshift workspace at SCEE's press conference, was taken just moments after Phil deftly dropped it between our empties. We've already sent the sample to Kotaku Labs to root out traces of Phil's DNA. We plan on creating an army of miniature well-spoken, high-level Sony executives to do our bidding—i.e. updating our PLAYSTATION 3 firmware every few weeks and tending to the collected dust on its piano black finish.

If we have any spares or irregular Phil clones, we're willing to accept offers. Serious inquiries only.


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