Quake Arena? For The DS?

QIII.jpgThe DS is home to many kinds of games. Games where your brain is trained. Where Pokemon (all of them) are often caught, then traded. Where ponies aren't just ridden, they are your friend. But id FPS games? Nope, it is not home to them, least not officially. Could soon be, though. At last week's QuakeCon, John Carmack said that id "may" be working on Quake Arena for the DS. And that if they "were", he'd like it to drop Metroid Hunters' touch-screen viewing in favour of a Doom-style fixed perspective. None of this is confirmed, mind you, but if you had to categorise the news it'd have to go in the "mm...yes, keep me posted" section, if only because I'd really like to see more FPS games on the platform. Quake Arena Heading to DS [IGN]


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