Travelling Man

To: Ash
From: Flynn
Subject: OMG BioShock Demo!

Ahoy! Well it was certainly exciting weekend around here. Got some nice news from home, friends came to visit and I even got to go out drinking on a Friday night which happens relatively rarely since I have to be in tip top form on Saturdays for my various Kotaku duties. It’s going to be crazy travelling for me for the rest of the month. I leave for NYC on Tuesday for a week then I come back and leave the next day for PAX. The it’s back to Atlanta for Dragon Con. Should be a good time!

Some things you might have missed this weekend:These new Xbox 360 bundles should be arriving for the holidays

This trailer for a Bibleman game is real. And causing quite the debate.

I finally found an FPS I can play!

Jaffe and Boll together again for the first time

Well, with that Itake my leave of you. The BioShock demo is almost done downloading and it’s just beggin me to play it. Have a great week. Goodnight!

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