Spain Loves Wii & PS3, Hates 360

SPAIN.jpgThose Spaniards are a temperamental bunch. No half-measures there, you either love a console or you hate it with a fiery, latin passion that only a Spaniard can manage. Take these want/do not want stats compiled by Spanish analysts, The Cocktail Analysis, for example: they asked 1,022 18-55 year-olds, both senors and senoritas, which consoles they own, and which they are intending to buy. 34% gave a blank stare, 31% either own or would buy a Wii, with 30% either owning or intending to buy a PS3. That leaves 4.5% of those polled opting for the 360. You go ahead and insert your own excitable Spanish phrase in at the end, I'm done.
Wii, la preferida por los españoles [The Cocktail Analysis, thanks Redfield!]


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