EA Blames Slow Growth On PS3

EA Blames Slow Growth On PS3

boredfanboys.jpgEA made a ton of money this quarter. Nothing new! Thing is they didn’t make quite as much as they wanted to. And that’s including the Potter boy’s sales exploits. So who’s to blame? Why the PlayStation 3, of course. EA boss John Riccitiello has said that while the company was all over the PS2, the lack of sales on the PS3 is hurting:

Point blank, this cycle is developing quite differently than the last cycle. The next-gen hardware build is going a little more slowly.

This time, there’s been some unexpected strength with the Wii and the PS3 hasn’t–yet–performed as well as we expected it to. That probably has a bigger impact than any other factor on our margins.

In other words, the cashed-up rich guy went to the races, bet the farm on the PS3, and some loose change on the Wii. And lost a lotta cash. This is why you should never, ever bet on horses. Or game consoles. But especially horses.
Lagging PS3 Sales Hurt EA’s Margins [Next-Gen]

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