What’s The Longest You’ve Spent In Setting Up An Interview?

To: Crecente
From: Bash
RE: Leip of Faith

No creds for McWhertor and Mark Wilson? Yikes. Well, if they can’t enjoy the games, at least they can enjoy the beer.

Had a really frustrating day. I’ve been trying to set up an interview for a freelance article. Thing is, I’ve been trying to set it up for months. Like, two months or so. I call the company and keep getting the run-around. Lots of you-should-talk-to-this-guy nonsense. My editor is being super understanding, but still, it’s really, really draining! Gotta think of away to work around these dudes — ’cause they’re doing a damn fine job of working around me! So I ask: what’s the longest you’ve spent in setting up an interview? Ungh.

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