Whorecraft Producer Expands Into FPS

Whorecraft Producer Expands Into FPS

kc.JPGI interviewed film producer Dez earlier this year for a feature on his interesting, and pornographic take on the World of Warcraft. The World of Whorecraft fascinated me, not just because it was about beautiful women dressed up as characters from Warcraft having sex, but because there were some elements of real fantasy plot, an attention to detail in the costumes and a sense of fun that I suspect you don’t normally see in pornography.

Dez pinged me last night to tell me that another gaming-themed porn series he had hinted to me about was now going live. Details and gallery follows after the jump:FPS-Porn Operation Sex: Cock and Load is sort of the same idea as World of Warcraft, but built around the prevalent first-person shooter genre. Think games like Counter-Strike, Ghost Recon Advances Warfighter and Rainbow Six Three.

I had a chance to watch the first episode last night and it was certainly chockful of the gamer references from a killcam, to a mission briefing to shoot-outs filmed in first-person. But while I saw the same attention to detailed costumes, the same rudimentary plot the fact that it involved gunplay seemed to kill the sense of fun that I felt in the WoW take-offs. I’m sure the new series will have a devoted following, but there’s already a flood of sex and violence out there so it didn’t seem to stand out nearly as much as World of Warcraft.

Gallery: FPS Porn

FPS Porn

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