Whorecraft Starlet Kicked From WoW

Whorecraft Starlet Kicked From WoW

miarosechar.JPGMia Rose, hardcore gamer and pornstar, who appeared in several episodes of World of Whorecraft, told Kotaku that she was banned from the World of Warcraft over the weekend after a fan recognised her and mentioned her website in a public chat channel.Rose, who played a randy elf in a couple of Whorecraft episodes a year ago, said she was banned after a fellow gamer recognised her on the Mai’ Ganis server and mentioned the starlet’s site in a barter chat room.

“After someone said I had a bad nose, this was randomly it happens a lot, I responded ‘Hey, learn how to search, stop using Google, go to Myspace or something, I’ve had a nose job'” she said. “The person then typed MIAROSESEXXX.com ZOMFG.”

About ten minutes later Rose received a message from a GM saying she was suspended. She hasn’t been able to get a hold of the Blizzard folks to try and clear it up.

Rose said that while she likes the serve she’s considering changing to another server under a different name to try and avoid the often boisterous, sometimes unwanted attention.

“Every time I log on, I get twenty or more messages at a time… it has come to the point of having to contact the GM every time I try to sell something because people are going off with either Mia Rose spam or hate messages.”

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