Wii At The Shanghai Aquarium

After seeing our PS3-in-a-Korean-bank post, reader Rob was reminded of something he spotted while in China working on a game. He writes:

During that time, I had a chance to visit the Shanghai Aquarium. As I was going through it, I came upon a Wii kiosk set up with Wii sports. The kids there signed a waiver, and then were allowed to fight each other in Wii boxing.

I figured this would make for a good little bit for you guys, so I was able to get a few pictures of it. The thing that makes this the most interesting is that all Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft consoles are banned in China, so this whole kiosk was either an exception by the government, or it was from the black market.

It’s a fairly official-looking demo kiosk if you ask me. Go-go guerilla marketing!!

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