Wii Life Game With Miis, Slides And UFO Butts

lifewiiscreenie.jpg Japan's favourite roulette-spinning board game Life (no, really) is getting a Wii edition called Jinsei Game Wii (The Game of Life Wii). Players use their Wii-mote to do Wii-mote things like move their characters around, spin the roulette around and play mini-games. Those mini games include "Don't Blow Up the Balloon," "Stick Swords in the Barrel" and "Shoot Down UFO Butts." Those aren't the games actual names, but take a look at the screen of the UFO Butt game is after the jump. You'll agree. That mini-game is so "Shoot Down UFO Butts." Life is Mii friendly as the screenie indicates. The first stage apparently has a kindergarten theme, complete with slides. Man, I loved slides as a kid. Slides are rad. alienbuttlife.jpg

人生ゲームWii [Famitsu]


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