Wii Making Companies Rich, Causing Coporate Expansion

nintendopartsbreakdown.jpgThe Wii isn't only making Nintendo buckets of cash, it's making other company money, too! And to keep up with the demand, those component makers are expanding. Take, American company Analogue Devices, which make the Wii-mote's acceleration sensor, or France's STMicroelectronics, which is responsible for the nunchuk guts. The US company just converted one of its facilities into a Wii-mote sensor plant, which the French one is creating a sensor production line in Milan. What's more, Nintendo's supplier of power chips and WiFi components, Mitsumi Electric, has now bagged a fivefold increase in operating profit. Stick with Nintendo, kids, they'll make your company BIG and RICH. Wii Profits Increasing [Tech UK]


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