Wii Passes Xbox 360 In Worldwide Sales

ng_sales.png It happened. Even with a year headstart, the Xbox 360 has been eclipsed by the Nintendo Wii in sales. According to independent tracker Video Game Chartz, the Wii just passed the 360 this week. Gotta numbers fetish? Here's the breakdown:

Wii: 10.57 Million sold (3.46M Japan, 4.24M America, 2.87M Others) Xbox 360: 10.51 Million sold (0.43 Japan, 6.75 America, 3.32 Others) PS3: 4.32 Million sold (1.13M Japan, 1.87 America, 1.32 Others)

Yes, that same info is directly above in handy chart form. So... Japan's a big gaping hole for Microsoft, huh? Always has been! Wii is Winning [VG Chartz]


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