Wonder Why Germany Bans Games?

Day%2B2%2B10%2Bthe%2Bgermans.jpg Sure, Germans love banning games. But, why? German fella 3r0t1c n3rd over at game blog Destructoid does a great job explaining the situation. Let's dive right on in:

The reasons for banning media can range from violence to illegal content. For example, every book about producing drugs or growing weed is illegal in Germany.

So what if a game is banned?

Well the game goes on the Index, which is basically a list of media which is banned. Media on the index is not allowed for sale to persons below the age of 18. Also any advertising, in media that is accessible to persons below the age of 18 for it is illegal. Same goes for import and export, for persons under the age of 18. And it's legal to sell them under the counter in stores, but (you guessed it) only to persons over the age of 18.

Games that have been banned recently include: Crackdown for unnecessary violence against innocents, Gears of War for graphic violence, Command & Conquer: Generals (US version) for suicide attackers, Dead Rising for graphic violence, Condemned for graphic violence and on and on. German bureaucrats sure don't like graphic violence. Swing by Dtoid and find out why and more! Why Germany Loves Banning [Destructoid]


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