X07 Canada Kicks Of August 28th (And You're Not Invited)

x07_canada.jpgWith no plans for a European X07, why not hit up the next best thing? Say, the Europe of the north, Canada, for example. That's exactly what Microsoft is planning to do, as invites for the exclusive event have already been delivered to an unknown number of attendees. On August 28th, Toronto will host the Canadian X07 event, open to the public the previous year, but now strictly invite-only.

Microsoft promises plenty of Xbox 360 and Games For Windows titles on hand from itself and third party publishers Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Activision. Going down just a few days after the end of the Leipzig Games Convention, I have to wonder if MS will hold off anything of importance for the Canadian game show but maybe they'll provide delicious maple whiskey to make it feel more exciting.

Microsoft still holding X07 in Canada [Canada.com via Gamespot]


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