X07 Open To The Public, Sort Of

X07 Open To The Public, Sort Of

x07_canada.jpgYesterday we told you that Microsoft’s X07 event that kicks off on the 28th of this month in Toronto was invite only. Not exactly true. Jade of the Xbox forums clarifies.

The event is NOT invitation only, however, you do need to act fast to get your name on the list as I only have a very limited number of spots open for people to attend. X’07 Canada is happening on August 28th in Toronto. Once you have been added to the RSVP list, you will receive an official invitation that is your pass into the event. Sorry, no plus ones. If you have a friend that wants to attend, they have to send their own email request.

What you need to do is drop an email to [email protected] requesting to attend and hope to god she hasn’t run out of invites yet. So technically it still is an invite only event. You just have to invite yourself. Self-service is awesome.

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