Xbox 360 Falcon Chips Are Coming This Year

cimino_deerhunter1.jpg It's coming. Obviously. Later this year, Xbox 360s outfitted with 65-nm chips should be hitting store shelves according to The Xbox 360 Uncloaked author Dean Takahashi. Dubbed "Falcon," these chips are smaller than the current 90-nm processors and should use less energy. And that *should* lead to fewer Red Rings of Death. Well, theoretically! We won't know until these consoles are out in the wild, performing under real world conditions. However, Takahashi has confirmed that the chips are in the first batch of consoles currently being made, meaning that they could be there by fall. But Microsoft isn't going to disclose to customers which consoles have what.

But here's the problem for Microsoft. They have a lot of inventory of the older 90-nanometer machines. Many of these machines don't have the HDMI ports for sure. It has to sell these machines out before it starts selling the Falcon-based machines. That means that a lot of consumers are going to be buying machines that don't have the highest quality.

Meaning that if you want to make damn sure you don't buy old product, you're going to need to wait. But if everyone waits, then that's not exactly going to help flush these faulty 65-nm consoles from the marketplace. So if you're in the market for an Xbox 360, there's a chance you'll have a very red Christmas. What Microsoft's Falcon Project Means [Mercury News]


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