SingStar PS3 Tracklist Partially Unveiled

makeitstop.jpgSony threw a little party at the House of Blues the other day. On offer? Booze, no doubt, and perhaps even blues, but also the PS3 version of SingStar. Journos in attendance reported good times, as you'd expect, but they also came away from the night with 15 of the 30 pack-in songs scribbled down on the back of soggy drinks coasters. Hit the jump for the full partial list:Monster by The Automatic Toxic by Britney Spears Lets Dance by David Bowie Do You Want To by Franz Ferdinand Mr Brightside by The Killers So Sick by Ne-Yo Hey Ya by Outkast Here Comes Your Man by Pixies Go With The Flow by Queens of the Stone Age No Surprises by Radiohead Losing my Religion by REM I Don't Feel Like Dancin by Scissor Sisters Beautiful Day by U2 Buddy Holly by Weezer Love Train by Wolfmother

Your typical SingStar scattering, then. Some you enjoy. Some you'd sing, grudgingly, after six beers. Others you'd never sing, ever, and would cast the disc into the void if it could guarantee you'd never hear them again. Yes, Mr. Brightside, I'm looking at you (provided no harm would come to Eric Roberts, of course).

SingStar Hands-On [GameSpot]


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