Yes, Too Human Is Still "On Track" For 2008

TH.jpgYou'd be forgiven for wishing Too Human would just crawl into a deep, dark hole and never be seen again. The big delays have been one thing, but the brewing lawsuits between developers Silicon Knights and Epic? Surely it's going to throw a spanner (the 117th at last count during the game's development) in the works. Not so, according to Microsoft, who have said the game's still "on Track".

Regarding development of Too Human, we are still on track for a 2008 release date, as we announced most recently at E3 2007.

Yes, you are, providing things go well in the lawsuit. If they don't, and Epic come up trumps, the game's engine must be destroyed, which might just have an effect on that timeframe. Microsoft: Too Human Still "On Track" [Next-Gen]


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