Midway Boss "Concerned" About PS3

DAVIDZUCKER_qjpreviewth.jpg The PS3 is having problems, and Midway CEO David Zucker is a tad worried. Look at that pained expression on his face! Sure, the publisher's got that Stranglehold/Hard Boiled Blu-ray disc and Unreal Tournament III both headed for the PS3. That's a good show of faith. Still! Things haven't been exactly smooth for the console. But that $US100 price cut should help, right? Right?! Says Zucker:

We would not be the only publisher to tell you that we're a little concerned about the take-up of the PS3... Anytime you get a hundred dollar price on hardware it will improve sales. The question is, is it enough? Will there be more?

To answer your questions, David: No. Hope so. Midway Concerned [Games Industry]


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