Yup, Metal Gear Solid And Final Fantasy Still Not On Xbox 360

Yup, Metal Gear Solid And Final Fantasy Still Not On Xbox 360

giantjeffbellface.jpg Just because Microsoft doesn’t have the home field advantage doesn’t mean the company is going to sit on the TGS sidelines. Yes, the company will be announcing something. In an interview with Canada.com, lippy Microsoft exec Jeff Bell hints at what Microsoft will be showing at the Tokyo Games Show, namely Alan Wake, Fable 2 and Halo Wars. As well it should be! Those are all first party games, though. What about third part stuff? Bell stirs the hornet’s nest:

Let’s be honest. There’s only two major franchises that are talked about not appearing on our platform: Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid.

So why not buy them? You’re Microsoft, you’re rich.

That’s the thing. Hopefully we’re at the tipping point right now, where people will work with you and say, “We’re going to make money the old fashioned way”. Clearly there is a content and development necessity when you’re the new kid. We’re seeing that change over now when we have the install base and we will continue on our commitment to growth.

Giant Jeff Bell Face didn’t really answer the question.
Jeff Bell Interview [Canada.com via Eurogamer]

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