40GB PS3 With Spider-Man 3 For Christmas?

ps3pricedropgai.jpgWhile I'm completely sceptical here, Ars Technica's mole, who previously tipped them off on HDMI for the 360 and wired Xbox 360 Rock Band controllers is now telling them that Sony will be releasing yet another version of the PS3 for the holidays. This time it is a 40GB system for only $US400 with a possible Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray pack-in. Also in the cards is a supposed price drop to $US99 for the PS2. Here's what the mole says the holiday season will look like for Sony consoles:

* 80GB PlayStation 3: $US499.99 * 40GB PlayStation 3: $US399.99 * Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray movie pack in with one, or both * PlayStation 2: $US99.99

While the 80GB price drop has been predicted by multiple analysts, I don't get why they would go to all the trouble to phase out two smaller hard drive versions of the system only to release a third. The PS2 is still selling strong, but the drop to $US99 could very well make it the best-selling console of the holidays, especially if Wii shortages continue. Hopefully come TGS we'll have confirmation one way or the other. Until then, grain of salt people.

$400 40GB PS3 with Spidey 3 Blu-ray pack-in? Our mole tells all [Ars Technica]


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