60GB PS3 Back In Stock For Humans To Buy

Farmer%20Mel.jpg Man, we were so worried! Over nothing!! 60GB PS3s are back in stock. Earlier, we brought news that SonyStyle.com has run plum out of 60GBs. Sony mouthpiece David Karraker previously confirmed that there was no more 60GB stock left and that all had been sent off to retailers. Maybe they sent them back? Who cares! 60GB PS3s are available at a hundred bucks off the original price. Make hay while you can.

Pro tip: If you are in the market for a PS3, don't buy now. Wait until they eventually knock a hundred bucks off the 80GB PS3 — or better yet the inevitable 100 or 120GB one. I've heard of screwing early adaptors, but this could get silly! PS3 Back In Stock [GamePro]


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