A Master Chief To Hide Your Porn

minohalo.jpgYes yes, I know. Another Halo post, but at least this time it's a relatively cute one. Mimoco has taken the USB flash drive and made it somewhat buyable by combining the utility of portable storage with the quirkiness of custom vinyl toys. Capitalising on the current Halo craziness, series 1 of their Halo collection is coming October 18th and come in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB for $US 49.95-$US 109.95. They come preloaded with Halo goodies including sound bytes, art, excerpts from the new Halo novel and a special episode of This Spartan Life. If Halo isn't your style they also carry Star Wars and Happy Tree Friends versions, so if you need your USB storage to look like something, there you go!

mimobots Art Toy USB Drives [Mimoco]


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