A Truly Horrible Concoction Of FPS And Erotic Game

lovedeathlogo.jpg Love Death 2 is first-person-shooter meets Japanese erotic game from developer TEATIME — not to be confused with the FPS meets hardcore porno. And what are players shooting in this erotic game? Well...it ain't bullets!

Eds Note: After the jump, there's NSFW footage of the game's FPS element. Hands down, this must be the effed up clip I've ever posted on Kotaku — and I've posted lots of effed up clips! You've been warned so watch this effed up clip at your own peril! No bitching and moaning. Well, there is moaning, but none from you please!

Here's what's going on: the girl character Koto Sumikawa says we can do whatever we want. She wants to talk. The player doesn't and unloads in her general direction, causing her to get annoyed. The player then goes and gets a bat (yes, a BAT) and scares the poor girl. The player then "shoots" a few "rounds" at her, causing her to scurry about the room and run through a chalkboard and disappear, causing the entire room to moan. The player fires off a few more rounds as a denouement. The end.


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