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Halo 3 Disc Read Errors Rampant Comment by mossberg

maybe they should have spent a little less on the ad campaign and a little more on the manufacturing of the disks

So...Why Exactly Is the DualShock 3 Coming Next Year? Comment by Grave

It's absolutely ridiculous that they'd announce this so far in advance and not make good on it til next year in the rest of the world. I only have the Sixaxis my system came with, and money is tight at the moment. A friend of mine was going to get his own so we could at least go back to playing Tekken and SF, but after this, he doesn't want to pick up one, and neither do I.

Of course, being a PS3 owner, I'm always wondering what kind of wacky shit Sony's going to try to get us to put up with next. Lair and Heavenly Sword were both crushing disappointments, the PS Store is lacking a real selection of PS1 games outside of Japan, and demos still land weeks to months after they do on XBL. Oh, and Home is delayed til 2008. I heard that they cancelled Christmas, too.

Rumor: Xbox 360 Core Discontinued Comment by: SuperTurtle

This seems good to me. In fact, I would like a system without the wireless, and it would be even MORE low cost yet. There is room for a low budget model.

It seems that you getting wireless, HDMI, and 256meg pseudo hard drive for free now?

I remember when a pc had 40 meg, or a 80 meg drive. My super notebook of many years ago had a 200 meg drive.

So, including a 256megs means that you easily have a hard drive that just about any game can use to speed things up, and write out temp files to. More then enough for most games.

And, as other mentioned, I remember when a 1 gig drive was expensive, once again, a usb thing is cheap cheap. So, with the memory card, + a 1 gig jump drive, you have a nice system on a budget.

And, according to some, in addition to HDMI, you get the new more reliable mother boards with a heat sink.

And, in a few months, if you have money, then you just slap on a hard dive anyway. Remember, most consumers can't take a machine apart, or have NO idea as to what kind of hard drive to buy (consumers don't know what kind of hard drive to buy, or even what kind, size, speed etc. And, consumers can hardly handle opening a door, or figure out which way the drive goes in).

With Xbox, you just buy the hard drive, and slap it on top. Don't even have to open up a door, or anything. Really, a brilliant design decision if you think about it.

Keep in mind that not everyone has all the money at the same time. So, Upgrades, and add ons for the Xbox is a booming business all to its own. By the time a consumer is finished, he spent more then MOST people who brought a Elite system!!

However, this is not wrong, it is just normal. People purchase lower cost cars, and then customise and spend a CRAP load of money upgrading (but, they do it over time).

You don't have all your money at the same time. People often add new hard drives, new cards etc. to their computers. The endless supply of hard drives, add on etc is a great way to capture consumer money over time.

I still think they should have a el-cheap-o model, with no wireless, and next to no nothing. The price would also be VERY close to the that of the wii. And, as other mentioned, you get newer hardware, quieter fan etc. (many would purchase, and pull all of their wireless stuff, hard drive from existing systems).

I think they could sell truck loads of these stripper models. And, a few months later, you will wind up selling them hard drives and wireless controllers once they realise how much they love the Xbox anyway.

Sumimasen, Is *This* The Halo 3 Line? Comment by Amazingu


Pepijn! That's a friend of mine actually! Fancy you running into him ;) Very tall guy, big gums, right?

HP Unveil New Prototype, Vid for Gaming Handheld Comment by tomsamson

virtual reality helmets never took off in the mass market. There could be many reasons for that, a big one is probably that one locks like a total moron when wearing a ginourmous helmet and acting like seeing things no one else sees. Great idea to instead make that as mobile device where one doesn´t just look like a moron in a closed area but instead in public in the streets. As others said even better if one runs into traffic while escaping from a virtual rolling rock... Hm..this thing has SMASH HIT labelled on it.. :D

Suicide candidates go!

And yeah, how come no non video game company seems to even just get the key setup on such devices right?

HP Unveil New Prototype, Vid for Gaming Handheld Comment by CyberSkull Nominated by sethmad

The storage & network requirements for what they are doing in the commercial boggle my mind. Where the hell in San Francisco(?) did they find the WiFi to get the objectives? I can't see the devs putting all that on a storage device we currently (or will have in the next 5 years) have.

I really love the idea of scanning objects in the real world to work in the game, but it seems to me that would take an exorbitant amount of processing power and an absolutely massive program to properly interpret. :(

Final question for HP: Will this make configuring and updating your printers

An amendment: Scanning objects from photos is done now, I mean a large amount of CPU and programming would be needed to recognise the objects in order to place them in the game world.

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