Advance Wars 2 Real, Playable In France

AW2.jpgThe 2007 Micromania Games Show is going down in Paris right now. Most of the stuff on-hand is old-ish, but one game there, it's brand new. So new we'd previously only heard its very name, and knew nothing of its details or appearance. That game: Advance Wars 2 for the DS, sequel to, oh, only the best game to ever grace the system. GAF resident Sad_Panda was lucky enough to get his hands on it:

AW 2DS did receive a complete overhaul in terms of design. Gone are Max, Andy and the others, replaced by a whole new crew. IS went with a whole new, more realistic, miltary look, and quite frankly, it seemed like a pretty wise move. Graphically-wise, the look went with the new design, though it looked pretty much the same. New combat animations were pretty low-quality though, blurry and badly animated. Surely that's gonna be fixed by the time it comes out. Had time to notice a new unit - bike infantry unit - and that pretty much sums it up.

A new look? New characters? It's not like I wasn't already interested, I was completely interested. Now? I'm looking for ways to cram a little more interest in. Advance Wars 2 playable in Paris @ MGS 2007 [Sad_Panda @ NeoGAF]


    Personally I enjoyed the characters that they'd been developing ever since the first Advance Wars on GBA. Like characters in a book you grew attached to them and they were quite vibrant and unique. I'll be disappointed if they actually have done away with them completely.

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