Ahnuld Appeals Unconstitutional Game Law, ESA Wants Its Money Back

ill_be_back.jpgGovernor Arnold Schwarzenegger has followed through with his intent to appeal the California law that would target "ultra-violent" video games struck down by federal judge Ronald Whyte last month. Senator Leland Yee backed up Ahnuld, writing that it represented "common-sense law that empowers parents by giving them the ultimate authority over whether or not their children can play in a world of violence and murder."On the flip side of that dispute, the Entertainment Software Association is seeking repayment of court costs associate with battling the California law, fees now well over $US300,000. Game Politics has more details and fantastically alarmist politico quotes in their original report.

Schwarzenegger Appeals CA Game Law As Industry Seeks $320K Legal Fees [Game Politics]


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