Alright, Whose Grandparent's Game?

grandpa-video-game-interactivevoices-blog-775741.jpg Hey! Today is National Grandparents Day. So, hopefully you called your parents' parents or wrote them an email or sent them a card or screamed loudly in their general direction. Because remember, if they didn't have sex and make your mum-and-dad, you wouldn't be here. And if you weren't here, you couldn't play video games. Think about it!

With the Wii and the DS, the buzz words have been "expanding the audience" — AKA, getting old folks to play Wii Sports and Brain Age. And some elders, like Old Grandma Hardcore, are really, really into games. What about yours? Got any gaming grannies or gramps? Are you one yourself?! Hit the comments and tell all.


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