An Assessment of Spore

sporeborge.jpgOnly a Game has an interesting analysis of the potential impact of Will Wright's Spore. Some predictions and thoughts thrown out: Spore will move about 8 million units, has a poor hook outside more dedicated gaming populations, the game has swallowed up some of the industry's brightest talent, and has made EA rethink their strategy of relying on endless sports franchises. And what about changing the face of the industry?

A final problem with Spore is perhaps an unfair criticism. The games industry is in desperate need of innovation - new directions to explore. Spore doesn't really give us that. It's going to be an amazing piece of software, and no doubt an engaging play experience. But beyond that, it seems like a dead end. If it proves to be more successful than I predict, it won't help the industry because no-one other than Wright's team could afford to make a project of this nature. And if it proves to be less successful than I predict, will that make it even harder than it already is to push innovative projects through the publishing mill?

Some sweeping assessments, but a thought-provoking piece nonetheless. We'll find out how this all shakes out in April '08 (or later, if the release continues to be pushed back) when Spore is unleashed on the public.

Spore - An Assessment [Only a Game]


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