An Elite Loaner

elite360forash.jpg Shortly before I left for the Tokyo Game Show, my "fixed" Xbox 360 crapped out (right after I got it back from repairs). And when I returned from TGS, there was an Xbox 360 Elite waiting for me. Microsoft sent me a "loaner", while my console is getting fixed. I put my 20GB HDD on it and am not using the HDMI cable. The machine does seem to run quieter than my first-gen Xbox 360. But man, the Elite sure can get hot. Here's the pickle, though: It's an American Elite, and I live in Japan. Not sure if that makes life easier or not. Wouldn't it be nice if Microsoft sent everyone whose console broke an Elite to hold them over during the repair wait? Expensive, too!

Editor's note: Sadly the Elite does not included a die shrink (it should have, though), which means it runs just as loud and as hot as your average Xbox 360. So make sure you really enjoy that HDMI port!


    It amazes me how long it takes for Microsoft to repair these machines in other countries, especially with the yanks being told to wait 4-6 weeks. Meanwhile I had mine sent, repaired and returned in 6 days. Sure the volume wouldn't be the same down here but surely they'd have bigger facilities over there?

    My Aussie Elite is definitely quieter than other 360s I've heard -- it's as quiet as the Wii when there's no disc spinning, though it still makes a racket when you're playing a game from DVD. It pumps out a lot of heat too, so I'd say that new heatsink etc. is doing its job quite nicely.

    Your 360 broke so microsoft gave you an elite as a loaner. You're morphing into Imelda Marcos.

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