Analyst: Initial Halo 3 Sales Should Hit $200 Million

MONEYSNo one expects Halo 3 to walk away with anything but gargantuan success. Microsoft is aiming for day one sales of the Xbox 360 shooter to the tune of $US 155 million, a considerable jump from Halo 2's $US 125 million single day take. With the $US 10 next-gen tax imposed for the third, that doesn't seem that unreasonable. Adding to that a $US 129 Legendary Edition version makes it sound like a lock.

Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian says that's a conservative estimate, putting "initial" sales at $US 200 million. Unsurprisingly, Sebastian predicts that the release of Master Chief's next gun-fest will push lots of Xbox 360s. What no one seems to be discussing is what I predict will be a massive rush for Spartan flavored Mountain Dew beverages.

Analyst: Initial Halo 3 Sales to Push $200 mln [Next-Gen]


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