Another Chinese Man Dies From Gaming

cybercafe.jpgSomeone really needs to tell the people in East Asian countries to stop gaming before they die. Maybe a free latte policy for the 100 or so patrons who fled the cybercafé in Guangzhou this weekend after witnessing the death of the 30 year-old man who had been gaming for three days straight. Watching a person die from lack of common sense always makes me thirsty.

Paramedics quickly arrived on the scene but could not resuscitate the man. I know the loss of a human life is never a laughing matter, but I just cannot fathom gaming to death. Back in 2001, there where weeks when I would spend every waking hour playing EQ, but I at least took chair naps and tried my very best not to die. Worked for me. *sigh* Chinese Man Dies From 3-Day Gaming Binge [Fox News - Thanks Kris]


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