Another Lucky Star Dirty Vid, This One Freaky

luckystarhairdye.jpg There's not one, but two (count 'em!) Lucky Star adult video adaptations. The anime already has a DS game and is getting a PS2 incarnation this November. So lucky. And just yesterday we featured smut flick Kira Suta, which put too much effort in puns and chocolate buns, but not enough in hair dye. Enter porno actress Yuria Hidaka. She's got the hair color, the cowlick and the clothes right. The rest is very, very wrong.

Know this: While the above photo is innocuous enough, there is a freakazoid picture after the jump. It does not contain any nudity or bodily fluids whatsoever, but is VERY MESSED UP. So! If you are the type to be offended by, say people in shrink-warp, then move along. Everyone else, click at your own risk!luckystarshrinkwrapped.jpgTOLD YOU! There is a mouth hole so the lady can breath, but this does seem totally dangerous. I mean, putting someone in a bag and sucking out the oxygen?

Remember when people being filmed "doing it" was considered deviant?

Another Lucky Star Porn [Neko Are Blog]


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