Aonuma Would Like To Work On "Something Original"

Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma is a gifted guy. Taking over the Zelda franchise isn't exactly the easiest job in gaming, so to have not just done it but oversee some of the best games ever made? Yeah, see, he's not too shabby. Thing is, he's been working on Zelda games for the best part of a decade. Doesn't matter which series you're working on, you work on it for that long, you start to itch for something new, and Aonuma's no different, telling MTV:

As I get older, the feeling that I would like to create something original gets stronger.

Understandable! He also talks about how Phantom Hourglass is an unintentional remake of the first Zelda, so you could do worse things than give this video a few minutes of your time. Aonuma: "Phantom Hourglass" Is An "Updated Version" Of NES "Zelda" [MTV]


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