Arcade Flyer Art Saturday: Aliens

aliensflyer.jpgKonami produced the Aliens game for arcades in 1990, nearly four years after the James Cameron directed movie of the same name. The game was loosely based on the film and players could choose between two different player characters, Lieutenant Ripley or Corporal Hicks although there was no difference between the two except for the graphics. It could be played with up to two people and was controlled with a joystick and two buttons. It was mainly a side scrolling shooter although a few levels had a switched perspective with the characters moving forward down long hallways. The controls were pretty simple with one button letting you fire while standing and the other button allowing you to fire while crouching. Players worked their way through six different levels such as the Factory, the Queen Alien's den and the Battle Ship Sulaco. Different Aliens would try and impede your progress each with it's own attacks. Extra weapons could be collected throughout the different levels as well as bombs that could be deployed by pressing both shoot buttons at the same time. At the end of the game you could even get in the famous Exo-Skeleton Loader suit to fight the final boss. It was pretty standard fare as far as shooters were concerned with the Alien franchise name used to draw players in. Despite it's general gameplay, the game was a lot of fun and quite popular amongst arcade goers.

Ah, the photographic flyer. They obviously thought that given the four year gap between the movie and the game's release, that people would forget that Sigourney Weaver was actually a rather butch gal with short dark hair and no breasts, replacing her with a busty blond gal with hair held over from the eighties. The obviously flat backdrop is in no way benefited by the forced perspective, but at least they tried I suppose. The Alien silhouette is rather unforgivable as it's obvious that it's completely drawn on and once again, as in the previous AFAS entry Night Stocker, the lack of a real alien is made up for by the addition of a bit of fog. I do give it extra points though, for at least including Newt in the picture. "They mostly come out at night. Mostly."

Flyer courtesy of TAFA


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