Arcade Flyer Art Saturday: Punk Shot

punkshot.jpgPunk Shot was produced by Konami in 1990 and gave arcade goers a different perspective on the average sports game. Up to four players could choose between two teams, The Ramblers and The Slammers with each team consisting of two members. Basher and Stallion represented The Ramblers while the aptly named Hair and Spike comprised The Slammers. Four different playing fields were available including an alley, a docking pier, a vacant lot and a park.The game was controlled with a joystick and three buttons allowing your team to either pass and shoot when your team has the ball or you could choose to beat the crap out of the opposing team when they were in control. Obstacles were placed throughout the game on each level to add some challenge like oil slicks, manholes, crates and people including children, bike riders and an old lady fond of hitting people with her broom.

Despite being made in 1990, the game and in turn the flyer have a heavy 80s theme. From the gaudy leopard print top bar to the distinct over use of the colour pink, this flyer is about as 80's as you can get. Of particular note is the absolutely wretched "break dancing" outfit the black guy is wearing, the hideous ensemble of the mohawked guy and the "tag" style logo that tries really hard to look "street." I also particularly love the guy in the background with the muscle shirt, suspenders and Kid n' Play haircut. The "sexy" referee, the seemingly out of place Latino guy on the barely visible motorcycle and the aforementioned old lady with the broom all add a certain bizarreness to an already ridiculous picture. It just goes to prove that the 80s will always be remembered for bad pattern combinations, worse hair and a penchant for overly large Terminator sunglasses.

Flyer courtesy of TAFA


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