Atari Files Fiscal Report, May Be Heard Crying At Night

Ah, Atari. The publisher the keeps on keeping on. Despite having a rough time of it over the last few years with the sale of Shiny back in 2006 and the resignation of CFO Bruno Bonnell in April this year, the company still maintains their place on the NASDAQ. Just.

After a bit of a delay, Atari has filed their 2006/2007 fiscal report. While the publisher’s losses have held steady at $US 69.7m ($81.6m), profits have slump by 40%, sitting at $US 122.3m ($143.2m).

I know I’ll be picking up a copy of Clive Barker’s Jericho when it comes out, as well as Alone in the Dark 5, even though it’s MIA at the moment. But I think Atari will need a little more than my hard-earned tokens to up those figures.

Atari files delayed annual report []


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