Auran Brands Games As Aussie-Made

Auran Brands Games As Aussie-Made

After hearing about this, it made me wonder why more Australian games don’t carry such a branding.

Oh right, that’s because there aren’t many. It’s a shame, really, so it’s good that Auran is picking up the slack.

Looks like their upcoming MMO, Fury, will not only be the first of the company’s games, but also the first Australian game, to be stamped with the green and gold “Australian Made” logo. The plan is to slap the logo on all their future titles too. Bravo, chaps.

Hey, as long as international players don’t expect to have “Kangaroo” as a race option, or be able to ride mammoth koalas, she’ll be right.

Fury to carry Australian Made logo [ via Sumea]

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