Aussie Sales Charts

Coonabarabran.jpgNever saw this coming. After depriving Australia of Super Paper Mario for five months, Nintendo finally released it last week. How'd it do? As you'd expect a tasty burger to do when dropped in the hands of a desperate, starving man: it was gobbled up. We didn't even pause for breath. Also nice seeing Heavenly Sword at #2, proving that Australian PS3 owners do play games on the system, and didn't just buy it to show off their new HDTVs with.

1) Super Paper Mario 2) Heavenly Sword 3) SingStar Pop Hits (Bundle) 4) SingStar 90s (Bundle) 5) SingStar 90s 6) World in Conflict 7) Ratatouille (PS2) 8) Sims 2: Bon Voyage 9) Pokemon DIamond 10) Medal of Honour: Airborne (360)

[charts courtesy of GfK]


    I think Paper Mario's no.1 spot has something to do with EB's trade 2 games get it for $20 bucks and JB Hifi's 60 buck Wii Play and remote deal going on. When i bought Mario, the clerk muttered, 'oh my god more Wii Play'!

    I think you might be on to something. :)

    Wasn't aware they had those deals/bundles going.

    I'm sure it also helps that long suffering Wii owners here have been desperate for this game (or anything new and decent) for a while now :)

    Maybe we should have some sort of AU deal/bundle watch up in here.

    @Duskbringer: That's an excellent idea. I can keep an eye out, but what would really help is if you see something, email [email protected] Cheers.

    @Bizzy: Although eb stats aren't tracked through gfk, no doubt it was a good deal I would have to say that the Kmart's $69 price tag was the reason it hit number one. Next week's chart will consist of halo, singstar rock ballads and fifa 08. Considering all three titles have multiple versions eg collectors or multiple platform there will be little space left for world in conflict or company of heroes expansion :(

    Be warned though the version i bought suffers the same freeze glitch as the european version. So even after the delay we get the same problems. Go check Nintendo Europe for the work around as the Australian site last time i checked still had Paper Mario as a Coming Soon title.

    damn i go to canberra for a week and they release spm on me!

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