Australia Beats US To Quake Wars, Lots Of Shoving, Gnashing Of Teeth

quakewars_01.jpg Activision has seen fit to grace Oz retailers with copies of Splash Damage's Enemy Territory: Quake Wars a full four days before it'll venture out into Consumerland in the United States. If this Battlefield-inspired shooter appeals to your gaming tastes, you'll be interested to know the RRP for the regular version is $89.95, while $99.95 will reward you with the Limited Collector's Edition. The LCE comes with a DVD with artwork, 10 collectable cards and, for the particularly geeky, ringtones.

For now, it's PC-only - but Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are on their way according to Activision. If you do grab the PC version, it might be an idea to have a read over this tweak guide.


    I was thinking of getting this because there is supposed to be a Linux native client released soon after launch, but then I remembered that I'm bored of FPS games.

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