Australian Halo 3 Ltd Editions Contain Foam, Discs Fine

Looks like Microsoft's packaging woes aren't global. While the rubbish packaging on Halo 3's special editions in the US have scratched a whole ton of discs, Australian copies look like they're coming packed with a nice piece of foam padding inside the box, which keeps the disc pressed against the cover and prevents all the scratching. Nice to catch a break for once, Australia, isn't it? [thanks Enrico!]

Editor's note: Well, it's comforting to know we're alright. Microsoft must love us or something.


    Yup i noticed that my copy also had a foam padding bit between the book and the game disc in the package which kept the game disc in place. However the bonus disc was off the spindle in my package however that compartment had nothing sharp so my disc was safe! Glad i didn't have to return it! Just annoyed at Brian Lam at gizmodo for giving away the ending.

    I'm still trying to figure out why they had the foam in the Oz boxes, but not the US ones. Maybe there's a foam shortage over there. ;)

    Thanks Kotaku for posting my video and i hoped it helped people calm down with all the scratched discs.

    Only explanation I can come up with is ours are a later run after they discovered how scratched up they get. It's logical they would have started production on copies for the Yanks first, which is where most of these cries about mutilated discs are coming from.

    @Kokamoo: We should be thanking you for sending it in!

    Well I picked up a copy from JB Hi-Fi on the Gold Coast, Australia and my Special Edition didn't have any foam in it...the disc was fine and secure, but no foam.

    Yup I noticed that yesterday when I picked up my copy, and I was mighty happy :D

    Also noticed the JB Hifi limited edition was different from the EB limited edition... wtf?

    Not all australian boxes come packed with foam. I know alot of stock here has been damaged too, but just not sold to customers.

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