Australian Sales Charts

anubridge.jpgUnlike our colonial forebears, Australian gamers have resisted the urge to drop BioShock from the #1 spot and have instead...kept it there. That's the 360 version, the PC one's long gone. Also busting into the top 10 is, surprisingly, Two Worlds, making this the first time two 360 games have been in the top 10 since, oh, a very long time ago.

1. BioShock (360) 2. The Sims 2: Bon Voyage 3. SingStar '90s 4. Mario Party 8 5. Pokémon Diamond 6. New Super Mario Bros 7. Two Worlds 8. Pokémon Pearl 9. Ratatouille (PS2) 10. Boogie

[charts courtesy of GfK]


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