Auto Assault To Die Gruesome Death Tonight

auto_assault_rip.jpgAs we reported back in June, NetDevil's vehicular combat MMO Auto Assault is closing its virtual garage doors forever. In just a few hours from now, the MMO will be nothing more than a memory for its fans. The NCsoft team promises a "wild, crazy event tonight" and hints at some nice bonuses for those who log on for one last hurrah. Some lucky Auto Assault players will even receive a "parting gift" that will include a chance to play other NCsoft titles such as Tabula Rasa and City of Heroes. Not a bad way to see off a friend.

Festivities kick off at 9 PM Central Time, ending at midnight, and are scheduled to include "all sorts of nutty things." Have fun, guys. Rest in peace, Auto Assault.

Auto Assault News [Official Site]


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