Best Dentist Evar

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Roach Burgers (Yum, Yum)

When you go to the dentist you get the crap drilled out of your mouth and a head full of pain. When we go we get free trips to amusement parks. OK, I'm lying, this isn't typical. Tristan's pediatric dentist is like the best dentist on the planet. In fact she was featured on Oprah. Not only does she have an amazing rapport with kids, but once a year she throws a gi-normous party for them. This year she rented out an amusement park up in the mountains and invited all of her patients and their parents... for free. We took Tristan and had an absolute blast. Somewhere between the rides, the lunch, the tug of war and me totally pwning Tristan and my wife at 1-v-2 beach volleyball Tristan smiled and said "This is the best day ever." Imagine that, the best day ever having something to do with a dentist.

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