Bioshock Hang-Over

To: Ash From: Crecente

I'm sure you noticed but our servers all crashed for several hours this morning. Not only could we not post, but people couldn't read either. It sucked.

I was up till about 3 a.m. this morning playing Bioshock, my first dip into the world. I've been meaning to play it for a bit now but I was in Leipzig and then up to my eyeballs catching up and helping you plan a bit for the Tokyo Game Show. I was, as I'm sure most were, stunned by how good the game is. It's not just that it's a solid bit of gameplay, it's how very atmospheric the game is. It really nails what it's going for with the lighting and the sounds and the, I don't know, the aesthetic I guess, of the game. What astounds me even more is how well the game seems to capture, both in tone and gameplay, Objectivism. I was highly, very highly sceptical when I heard the Irrational folks mouthing off about Ayn Rand. I knew, I was convinced, that the game would at most touch on some of the sentimentality of her books, perhaps a nod to Atlas Shrugged or Fountainhead. And that was at most, really what I expected was a bunch of 50s era architecture and some mild visual references to Atlas Shrugged. Boy was I wrong. I humbly apologise. I was so convinced that this game wasn't going to capture Rand's subtly complex philosophy that I boasted to editors of several mags I write for how much i was going to enjoy tearing apart Irrational's distant promise of Randian goodness. I suppose I should go ahead and write a feature now that does just the opposite... once I beat the game that is.

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