BioShock Leads To Childhood LEGOs And Quoting

bioshocklegos.jpegThere is no eloquent way to put it: Man, children do some crazy-assed shit! Just listen to reader randlsa's story:

OK, so my kids are all fascinated with Bioshock characters. Ever since I picked up my big daddy statue on launch day they've been asking me questions about big daddy. While I haven't let them watch me play the game, they have inadvertently seen it over my shoulder a couple of times. To my surprise, my seven year old came up with a way to mimic big daddy with Lego's and even threw in a little sister with an Adam extractor. I assure you he did this all on his own. My almost five year old was just overheard in the shower saying, "Look Mister Bubbles... Adam".

Little kids making BioShock toys, cool. Little kids quoting BioShock, CREEPY.


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