BioShock Update Gives With One Hand, Taketh With Other

bioshockpatch.jpgIf you're both playing BioShock (likely) and connected to Xbox Live (again, likely), you'd probably already have been prompted to download an update for the game. Wondering what's inside? No, no plasmids, just a few fixes for an autosave bug, AI problems with splicers using health stations and a music bug on the menu screen. Oh, and something else. It's screwing up a lot of people's games. We've received a tonne of emails from readers complaining about the game now freezing constantly, and sometimes locking up completely. 2K say they're working on a fix, but until then, you can get around this by clearing your 360's cache. To do this, just hold both bumper buttons while the game's booting, and don't let go until you see the 2K logo. That should do it.


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